About Me

BS in Biology, 2009

MS in Physician Assistant Studies, 2012

Physician Assistant at Colorado Clinic in Colorado Springs

Teacher/leader at The Branch Sabbath Fellowship since 2014


When people ask me about my coming to the Lord I instinctively respond by describing events in 2005-6 when I was 23 years old which sparked an exciting transformation in my life.  But that’s probably chapter 2.  In truth, chapter 1 of my journey with the Lord began much earlier.  My parents, relatively new in their walks, took my two sisters and me to Sunday school and church from as far back as I can remember.  I learned the stories of the Bible.  I memorized the books of the Bible and key Scriptures through the AWANA programs.  And I attended Christian school.  When I was 14 years old, my older sister and I read through the One Year Bible.  That was also the year my parents divorced.  As is the case in many children from broken homes, I was angry.  One at a time, I gave in to sinful choices which were appealing to my flesh.  Rather than repenting, I prayed less to avoid the guilt.  I never denied the God of my youth in thought or in word, but I surely denied Him by my life.  Years passed by in a haze.  I occasionally remembered my 14th year fondly as “the time in my life when I was closest to God”, the key difference I now realize to be the presence of His Word in my life.  But such thoughts were more nostalgic than convicting and my life of self-satisfaction continued.

Then the Lord turned the page.  In late 2005, I enrolled as a biology major at a local university.  My chemistry lab partner would never show up to class.  And although frustrating at the time, I praise God now because I developed a friendship with a young man across the table from me that would change my life forever.  He asked probing questions and challenged conventions in both religion and politics which I simply assumed to be true.  I decided to look for myself and what I found stunned me to say the least.  My eyes were opened to the influence of the enemy all around me.  I felt deceived; I didn’t know what to believe.  I felt vulnerable; I didn’t know where to turn.  The Lord was breaking up the hardened ground of my heart in preparation.  Later that year I crossed paths with a former coworker who invited me to a Thursday night Bible study led by her father, a Messianic rabbi.  From 7-9pm on Thursday nights I listened as he preached the whole Bible from a Hebraic perspective, clarifying the contradictions between what are called the Old and New Testaments, answering the questions regarding suspected religious conventions, and revealing a depth of understanding to God’s Word that I had never heard.  I couldn’t get enough.  I would stay until 2-3am sometimes to hear more and fire off the dozens of questions I had thought of during the week.  It was a whole new world and a paradigm shift that He is king and I am servant.  He is the one who declares what is true, right and good, while my responsibility is to be faithful to His declaration.  I realized I had tried to invite God to join in my life rather than accepting the invitation to join His.  I surrendered.  Yeshua said the true worshippers the Father seeks are those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23-24).  Some worship in Spirit.  Some worship in Truth.  It’s clear the Lord desires both.  My heavenly Father was drawing me to run toward Him with all my Spirit by seeking Him according to His Truth.  I gave myself over to learn about my God through His own Words and committed to searching out what He loves, what He hates, and what He wants from me.  I fell in love with this God of the Bible like never before.  However, it wasn’t without sacrifice.  I asked Him to take away anything that was keeping me from Him, and painfully, He took away what I held closest.  But to quote Jim Elliot, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”  And it was through that loss that He drew near to me reminding me that He was the true love of my life, never to leave or forsake me.  He conquered what I feared most then asked me, “Now what do you have to fear?”  He also answered my prayers in a way more wonderfully than I knew to ask for.  He blessed me with a wife who not only has loved Him from childhood but was also willing to challenge her own conventions as she sought His Spirit according to His Truth.  Surely the Lord gives the heart’s desires to those who delight themselves in Him!

Open to chapter 3.  The years of walking in God’s Word have been the most incredible adventure, recognizing that I’ve become a part of His story as my life conforms more and more to His Word.  Most recently He has been stirring my heart about my purpose and identity.  In the same way that the Lord began a good work in me from an early age, the enemy also worked to destroy me from an early age, and due to timely childhood events I’ve battled fear and self-loathing for almost 30 years.  I gave up the memory with which God blessed me in order to forget my past.  And in the process of hating myself, my eyes were blinded to the man created in God’s image.  It was through the loving correction, encouragement and prayers of my wife and prayer group that the Lord cast off the burdens which were condemning and destroying me and gave me eyes to see and love who He has made me to be: a truth-seeker.  He has called me to be a teacher.  The Scriptures are my textbook and this blog is my notepad.  I will dig into the Truth of the Word and share what the Spirit of God reveals about Himself whether simple or difficult, acceptable or challenging, but always honest.  Read what I write, but “search the Scriptures to see if what I say is true”.  Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Let’s seek the Spirit found in His Truth!